Friday, 9 December 2016


Hi there!
Here you have the information about the project for this second term.

Resultado de imagen de images of cities

 You have to choose a city that you like, where you have been or that you would like to visit one day. In your oral presentation you have to include:
  • Where the city is: country, part of the country (north, east, in the middle,...)
  • Description of the city: size, population, neighbourhoods, means of transport, kinds of places: parks, green areas, how to get there.
  • Main things to visit in the city: you must choose 3/4 places to visit (museums, landmarks, parks, buildings,...) and describe:
  1.  the place (characteristics, why it's important)
  2.  activities you can do there (organised or on your own, tell your experience if you have been there).
  • Why you like it or why you would like to visit it
You know that if you have any questions, you only need to ask for help!

**Remember that in your powerpoint, you MUSTN'T include sentences!!!!


Hi students, 
here you have the information for the project for the 2nd Term: STUDY TRIP

In groups of three or four, you must include this in your presentation in class:
  • Plan of the trip for a whole week, 1-8 April, for 50 people.
  • Detailed route of the trip: places you will stay at / visit
  • Means of transport: timetable, prices, 
  • Accommodation: rooms, prices, type of accommodation
  • Places to visit: landmarks, museums, buildings, leisure places,...
  • Detailed budget: accommodation, food, tickets, means of transport
  • Include: map, photographs,...
You have a budget of 850€.
If you need, help, don't hesitate to ask for it!!!



 Choose a CITY from an English Speaking Country:
-    London: Big Ben (Houses Of parliament), London Eye (Millenium Wheel), St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace (Changing of the Guards), Cuttie Shark,
-         Manchester: Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester Cathedral & Townhall.
-         Liverpool: The Cavern Club, Anfield Road Football Stadium.
-         Dublin: Kilmainham Gaol, St Patrick's Cathedral, Trinity College,
-     San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison, Fisherman's Wharf,
-    Washington: The White House, Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, Capitol Building, Arlington National Cemetery...
-     New York: Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Twin Towers & Tower of Liberty, Manhattan Skyline, Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Chrysler Building…
-         Sydney: Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge
-         Hollywood, Los Angeles: Walk of Fame, Kodak/Dolby Theatre…
-         Johannesburg: Constitution Hill, Apartheid Museum,
-         Kingston: Bob Marley’s Museum, Mansion Rose Hall.

-         Locate the city and the landmarks in a map.
-         Short history of the city.

You HAVE TO ANSWER this questions about the landmark:
-         When and why it was built (natural or man made)
-         Who built and designed it.
-         Physical Characteristics
-         Interesting facts
-         Why it is famous or special
-         Visitors a year, tickets, timetable
-         How the landmark has changed over time (if there have been any changes at all)

Thursday, 8 September 2016


Hi students!!!
here you have the topic for your first oral presentation in class: URBAN TRIBES. You will prepare it in pairs or groups of three.
Here you have the different aspects you must include in your presentation:
- origin: where and when it started.
- main characteristics: clothes (very important!), interests, habits, types of music,...
- any other information

Wednesday, 7 September 2016



Hello boys and girls!!!
Here you have the instructions for your 1st oral presentation in class this year. You have to introduce yourselves to the class, and you can use a power point presentation. 

When you introduce yourself, these are the ideas that you have to use:
- Name & age
- Physical description: colour of hair / eyes, complexion,...
- Family: number of members, brothers / sisters, pets,...
- Friends
- Country and where you live
- School: favourite subjects, after school activities,...
- Hobbies & interests: musical instruments, sports you   
- Any other relevant information

Here you have some examples!



Hi students!!
this first term, you are going to do a project about historical characters. You will work in pairs and will have to prepare an interview between two famous or notorious historical characters.

There are 3 topics that you must cover in your interview:
- Historical period: when each of the people lived, historical context for each of them,...
- Things achieved: their main achievements (victories,   
   inventions, discoveries,...)
- Main failures

Remember we will start with the oral presentations on 17th October.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Hi students!
We are on the last days of the course, so let's make the last effort. Here you have some exercises to review different aspects of grammar seen in class. Good luck!!
Reported Speech I 
Reported Speech II
Rewriting + Reported speech

Modal Verbs I
Modal Verbs II

Verb tenses: Past
Verb tenses I
Verb tenses II

Sunday, 13 March 2016

DBH 1 English project for 3rd term

Hello students!
Here you have the instructions for the last project of this year.
Choose one of these possible topics:
  • Conversation at a restaurant (ordering food, asking for the bill…)
  • Talking about healthy food habits (for children, for sports people,…)
  • Pyramid of food(groups of food, nutrients,…)
  • Healthy menu for a day + a recipe
  • Typical British food for celebration
  • Typical American food for celebration
  • Vegetarian cooking
  • Junk food: problems and dangers

Create a text for which each one will have to speak for at least one minute.
Use the grammar and vocabulary from unit 7.
Work in pairs or threesomes.
Reading is not allowed!!!