Thursday, 10 March 2016

DBH 3 English project for 3rd term

Hello students!
Here you have the guidelines for the last project of the year. This time you'll do some research into history.

You have to choose ONE of the following periods:
  • The Anglo-Saxon period (UK) 
  • Celtic period (UK) 
  • Victorian period (UK) 
  • The 1920s / Jazz age (USA) 
  • The conquest of the west (USA) 
  • The Roman period (UK) 
  • The Puritans (USA) 
  • The Viking invasions (UK) 
  • Industrial revolution (UK) 
  • The Hippy movement 60s (USA) 
  • Middle Ages (UK) 
  • II World War (UK) 
  • The Tudor period (UK)

In your projects you MUST INCLUDE THESE 2 ASPECTS: 
     - Period: timeline (beginning and ending), main characteristics
     - Clothes

And you HAVE TO CHOOSE 2 OTHER ASPECTS from the following ones: 
   - Who they were, where they came from 
   - Houses & settlements
   - Daily Life
   - Religion
   - Entertainment / Music
   - Famous people  
   - Main events


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