Friday, 9 December 2016


Hi there!
Here you have the information about the project for this second term.

Resultado de imagen de images of cities

 You have to choose a city that you like, where you have been or that you would like to visit one day. In your oral presentation you have to include:
  • Where the city is: country, part of the country (north, east, in the middle,...)
  • Description of the city: size, population, neighbourhoods, means of transport, kinds of places: parks, green areas, how to get there.
  • Main things to visit in the city: you must choose 3/4 places to visit (museums, landmarks, parks, buildings,...) and describe:
  1.  the place (characteristics, why it's important)
  2.  activities you can do there (organised or on your own, tell your experience if you have been there).
  • Why you like it or why you would like to visit it
You know that if you have any questions, you only need to ask for help!

**Remember that in your powerpoint, you MUSTN'T include sentences!!!!


Hi students, 
here you have the information for the project for the 2nd Term: STUDY TRIP

In groups of three or four, you must include this in your presentation in class:
  • Plan of the trip for a whole week, 1-8 April, for 50 people.
  • Detailed route of the trip: places you will stay at / visit
  • Means of transport: timetable, prices, 
  • Accommodation: rooms, prices, type of accommodation
  • Places to visit: landmarks, museums, buildings, leisure places,...
  • Detailed budget: accommodation, food, tickets, means of transport
  • Include: map, photographs,...
You have a budget of 850€.
If you need, help, don't hesitate to ask for it!!!



 Choose a CITY from an English Speaking Country:
-    London: Big Ben (Houses Of parliament), London Eye (Millenium Wheel), St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace (Changing of the Guards), Cuttie Shark,
-         Manchester: Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester Cathedral & Townhall.
-         Liverpool: The Cavern Club, Anfield Road Football Stadium.
-         Dublin: Kilmainham Gaol, St Patrick's Cathedral, Trinity College,
-     San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison, Fisherman's Wharf,
-    Washington: The White House, Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, Capitol Building, Arlington National Cemetery...
-     New York: Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Twin Towers & Tower of Liberty, Manhattan Skyline, Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Chrysler Building…
-         Sydney: Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge
-         Hollywood, Los Angeles: Walk of Fame, Kodak/Dolby Theatre…
-         Johannesburg: Constitution Hill, Apartheid Museum,
-         Kingston: Bob Marley’s Museum, Mansion Rose Hall.

-         Locate the city and the landmarks in a map.
-         Short history of the city.

You HAVE TO ANSWER this questions about the landmark:
-         When and why it was built (natural or man made)
-         Who built and designed it.
-         Physical Characteristics
-         Interesting facts
-         Why it is famous or special
-         Visitors a year, tickets, timetable
-         How the landmark has changed over time (if there have been any changes at all)